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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blacks Are More Likely To Develop Colon Cancer on the Right Side of the Colon, Which Means...

According to a recent North Carolina Colon Cancer Study, African Americans are half as likely to develop a type of colon cancer that has a better survival rate. Researchers in the study feel this may be the reason that more blacks die from colon cancer.

The research showed...

The study included more than 500 colon cancer patients. It showed that about 7 percent of blacks, compared to 14 percent of whites, had a type of colon cancer that has a genetic marker called microsatellite instability (MSI). Patients with MSI colon cancer have a better survival rate, even without chemotherapy. But blacks are half as likely as whites to develop this type of colon cancer.

Blacks more likely to get "right-sided" colon cancer

In addition, blacks are more likely than whites to develop cancer on the right side of the colon. Cancer on the right side of the colon is harder to detect during screening, compared to cancer on the left side. Therefore, it is more likely to be further advanced by the time is it discovered.

But no one knows why

Researchers did not explain just why more blacks develop cancer on the right side or why they are less likely to get the type of cancer that is more treatable. According to the author of the study, Dr. John Carethers, researchers need more study to determine "strategies to better recognize and detect right-sided cancer."
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