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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The 7 Deadly Diseases That Kill African Americans More Than Other Races

Sick African American

There are many reasons why certain diseases kill more African Americans than white Americans. But not all reasons are the same. Some are due to genetics, while others are related to socioeconomic factors, where African Americans live, access to health care, and lifestyle. Regardless of the reasons, the statistics show that these are the 7 most deadly diseases for African Americans.

According to research by WebMD, an online web site that provides valuable health information and tools for managing your health, these are the 7 most deadly diseases that kill most African Americans:
  1. Diabetes - is 60 percent more common among blacks than whites, with 2.5 greater chances of having a limb amputated due to diabetes, and up to 5.6 times more likely to end up with kidney disease related to diabetes.
  2. Asthma - Blacks are three times more likely than whites to die from asthma.
  3. Sarcoidosis - Sarcoidosis is the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells in different parts of your body, most commonly the lungs, lymph nodes, eyes and skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, African-Americans have a higher incidence of sarcoidosis than do white Americans. Also, sarcoidosis may be more severe and may be more likely to recur and cause lung problems in African-Americans.
  4. Lung cancer - Black men are 50 percent more likely than white men to get lung cancer, even though they have a lower use of tobacco products.
  5. Strokes - strokes are four times more likely to kill blacks age 35-54. Blacks also have almost twice the risk for being first-time stroke victims.
  6. High blood pressure - Blacks not only develop high blood pressure earlier in life but also develop higher levels of high blood pressure. According to the May Clinic, blacks also have more serious complications, such as stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure.
  7. Cancer - Black men have a 40 percent higher cancer death rate than white men, and black women have a 20 percent higher cancer death rate than white women.

More and more research is now being done, and much more needs to be done, to address and treat the many health disparities that affect African Americans.

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