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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sad News For Americans (Including President Obama) Who Eat Fast Food French Fries

Obama Eating French Fries

There is some very sad news for people in this country who eat fast food french fries also referred to sometimes as "cancer sticks".

McDonald's has long been criticized for their "secret" ingredients, but it has now been officially revealed that McDonald's french fries in particular contain way more "junk" in the U.S. than in other countries such as the UK. It's also suspected that other companies like Wendy's and Burger King are doing the same! reports:

For starters, in the US, McDonald's French fries are made with potatoes cooked in hydrogenated canola and/or soybean oil—two of the worst cooking oils you can use; both of which are also in all likelihood the genetically engineered varieties.

American fries also contain TBHQ; antifoaming agents, preservatives, and color stabilizers. For some reason, American French fries also contain beef flavor, made with wheat and milk derivatives. As a result, they carry an allergy warning for those with wheat and dairy sensitivities.

Meanwhile, French fries sold in the UK consist of potatoes cooked in non-hydrogenated sunflower or rapeseed oil, and nothing else. Salt is added after cooking. Realize that both of these oils aren't great as they are both high omega 6 oils that become oxidized to cyclic aldehydes and the rapeseed is GMO.

Still, if McDonald's can make a tasty French fry without preservatives, antifoaming agents, color stabilizers, TBHQ, and added flavorings for its British restaurants, why do they refuse to make them without this junk for Americans?

Apparently, McDonald's is okay with more and more Americans getting cancer, being more obese, and dying more often from heart disease and diabetes. Isn't it true that they could simply make fresh cut potatoes on the spot and use olive oil? With that simple remedy, they would never have to use preservatives, "secret" ingredients, or unhealthy oils ever again!
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