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Monday, March 2, 2015

Hair Coloring is Not So Bad If You Do These 5 Things!

If You Must Color Your Hair, Protect It By Doing These 5 Things

Perms, highlights, coloring and straightening hair are all ways in which you can damage your hair over time. But let's face it, women are not going to stop these practices because they want their hair to look good. So, how can you protect your hair and prevent it from getting damaged by coloring and other hair treatments?

5 ways to protect your hair
  1. Start with healthy hair - because your hair takes a beating with coloring, it is important that your hair is healthy before you do anything. Start by eliminating all products containing sulfate, trim your ends regularly, condition, and keep your hair loose. Once your hair looks rich and healthy, you can safely color it.
  2. Products that will help prevent damage - using products such as coconut, olive or argan oil will help keep oil in your hair to prevent damage. These are inexpensive products.
  3. Keep it free from ammonia - ammonia is hard on hair, even strong hair. Fortunately, there are many more products on the market today that are ammonia-free.
  4. Pamper your hair - because you are treating your hair, you can help to keep it healthy by giving it a deep conditioning treatment. Ask your hairdresser what to use and how often they recommend you do this.
  5. Space out your appointments - keep your treatments as long as possible in between. The longer the better in order to give your hair a rest.

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