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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How To Stay Married For 82 Years -- Ask These Two!

Couple Married For 82 Years

Duranord and Jeanne Veillard from Spring Valley, New York, have been married for 82 years. Both are over 100 years old and still holding hands. They have two amazing feats they have accomplished -- staying married and living well past 100 years. How did they do it?

Their secret

This year, Duranord will turn 108 and his wife will be 105. Although most of his eyesight is gone, he prefers not to use a cane. According to his son, he also still has a pretty good memory. What is the secret behind their longevity? Duranord believes it is due to eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, and having faith in God.

How Duranord starts his day

Amazingly, Duranord begins his day with push-ups -- something much younger people can learn from. He also eats healthy, starting his day with oatmeal and fresh fruit and tea. Lunch and dinner include fish and vegetables. Naps are included whenever he feels the need. The Haiti native also likes to tell jokes in his French Creole accent and sing songs.

What's next for the couple?

They are glad to be together and look forward to whatever the future holds. Family is very important to the couple, and they are both very appreciate of where they are in life -- together.

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