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Monday, March 23, 2015

21-Year Old South African Man Recovers From Circumcision-Turned-Amputation

Surgeons in South Africa

Modern medicine has scored another first with a successful penis implant performed on a 21-year-old male from Cape Town, South Africa. The patient is doing well following a nine-hour operation performed at Cape Town’s Tygerberg Hospital in December.

Circumcision gone wrong

It all started when the young man went into the hospital for a circumcision. Something went very wrong. He developed complications so severe that doctors had to amputate his penis in order to save his life. After a successful penis implant surgery, the man has made a full recovery. In fact, he recovered fully a year ahead of schedule.

First successful operation of its kind

Although this was not the first penis implant performed, it was the very first successful surgery of its kind. The nine-hour procedure involved attaching an organ that came from a brain-dead donor.

The patient, who remains anonymous, has amazed doctors with a full recovery ahead of schedule and now has the ability to function normally.

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