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Thursday, May 14, 2015

People in These 5 States Drink the Most Soda


There is a very good reason why The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) links information on obesity with consumption of soda and other sugary drinks. There is a link.

Soda is full of sugar, and study after study has proven that too much consumption of soda can lead to not just obesity but also increase the risk of heart problems, diabetes and other health concerns.

Where do people drink the most soda? Here are the 5 top states:
  1. Mississippi - tops the list with 41.4 percent of people drinking sodas. They also have a very high obesity rate of 35.1 percent.
  2. Tennessee - takes second place with a soda drinking rate of 39.2 percent, and an obesity rate of 33.7 percent.
  3. Nevada - comes in third place with 36.3 percent of its residents drinking sodas, and an obesity rate of 26.2 percent.
  4. Oklahoma - rates fourth place with 34.5 percent of its citizens who drink sugary fruit drinks and sodas, and an obesity rate of 32.5 percent.
  5. Georgia - ranks fifth place with 33.1 percent who drink soda, and 30.3 percent of its residents are obese.

The 2012 study by the CDC was based on those who drink sodas and other sugar-laden fruit drinks on a daily basis. The study clearly showed that among the top 5 states, three of them are located in the South.

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