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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lawsuit Claims This Company's Deodorant Causes Severe Rashes and Burns

Rodney Colley showing burns and rash from Old Spice deodorant

Just about everyone wears deodorant, and for the very same reasons. They want to stay dry and smell good. The most important factor for most is finding a deodorant that works. Determining if the product is safe is generally not on consumers' minds. But this consumer learned the hard way that not all deodorants are the same. His deodorant burned his armpits!

What burned this man's armpits?

23-year-old college student Rodney Colley, from Alexandria, Virginia, used deodorants all the time and never had a bad reaction. In fact, he used several products from the same line, Old Spice (produced by Procter & Gamble).

But one day he used their Old Spice Pure Sport High Endurance deodorant and got a very different, and painful reaction. He knew something was wrong when he began to feel pain and discomfort. He found out the deodorant left him with a nasty rash that just kept getting worse. It was a chemical burn.

Others burned, too!

Colley wasn't the only one who suffered chemical burns from the product. Michael Smith had the same experience. His wife said the rash was so bad that "the skin cracked and was bleeding and oozing. It took a couple of weeks to clear up."

According to Consumer Affairs, Old Spice has 155 product complaints. In addition, out of 75 product ratings, 70 received only 1 star out of 5. In several complaints, the burns were so bad, it made it very painful for the men to work. As Smith's wife stated, "It's insane!"

On YouTube, there are several videos dating back to up to two years ago with other customers also complaining about the burns and rashes.

To date, Procter & Gamble has yet to respond with an official statement. There has also been no recallls.

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