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Monday, August 22, 2016

How Trina Braxton Lost 64 Pounds -- She Says This Was The Key Factor!

Trina Braxton weight loss

Losing 64 pounds is no easy task -- even if you are a reality TV star. But Trina Braxton, American singer, actress and reality television personality, and younger sister of R&B singing icon Toni Braxton, did it the old-fashioned way. But she attributes one key factor as the most important role it played in her weight loss.

Diet pills were not an option

Braxton opened up recently in an interview with about just what she did to lose weight. Diet pills were not an option for her -- too dangerous she explained. Her goal was to lose weight in a healthy way. So, she knew that she had to change her eating habits and exercise regularly. But she claims that there was one important change she made that made a huge difference in her weight loss. Water.

The importance of water

Braxton explained, "I also learned that water is your friend. Eventually, the pounds kept falling off." She added, "I did not like water. I had to find water enhancers. Flavored drops, Crystal Light fruit punch, zero flavored drinks." For Braxton, water was a very important key factor in her ability to lose weight.

Braxton's advice to others

Braxton continues to watch what she eats and how much (she automatically has half of her restaurant food wrapped and ready to go), and works out 5 times a week. Her advice to others trying to lose weight is to not give up. She adds, "Water, water, water everywhere! Water is your friend. I promise!"

It looks like this star of Braxton Family Values knows a thing or two about, well, values.

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