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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

90's Rapper Chubb Rock is Fighting For Black People's Health

Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock (born Richard Simpson) is a NYC-based rapper who released several hip hop hit albums in the early 1990's. But lately this rapper is focusing on a bigger concern, amnd that is Black health. Why? Because obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other chronic illnesses continue to be major health concerns in the black community.
More than just a rapper

This former National Merit Scholar was a pre-med student who dropped out of Brown University to pursue his musical career. He has been a successful musician since 1988. He also always made sure his family ate well. His wife packs their children's lunches so they have good food to eat at school. But he is concerned about so many children who are going hungry. He also has noticed that many of his friends are dying.

His dad died of diabetes

As a Jamacian, Rock loves to cook. He struggles with type 2 diabetes, and his father died of diabetes. He noticed that family members who stayed in Jamaica lived longer than those who came to the U.S. He decided it was time to encourage more discussion about wellness and disease among black people. So he started working on a documentary focusing on the health and healthcare challenges of actors, musicians, athletes and public figures who share their most personal issues.

His vision

Rock believes it is time to talk honestly about the health issues that plaque the black community. He explains, "I want people to be encouraged to go to the doctor and get regular checkups, but I also want other celebrities to hear from each other. They need to get help in all kinds of areas."

He adds, "We are often priced out of good health. The healthy foods or life-saving procedures aren’t accessible. So many young people don’t see school as their thing. We have to change the narrative... it’s our water, food, and air."

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