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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Perms, Chemical Relaxers and Other Reasons Why Black Women Suffer the Most From Uterine Fibroids

Black woman suffering from uterine fibroids

Black women are three times more likely to have fibroids and tumors, according to recent research. The cause is believed to be linked to perms and chemicals relaxers.

What are fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow on or in the muscle of the uterus. By the time they are in their 40s, up to 40 percent of women develop fibroid tumors. But Black women are at 3 times higher risk. A study of 23,000 black women showed that fibroids may be linked to the chemical exposure through scalp burns that result from perms and hair relaxers used by many black women.

Other risk areas

If a Black woman is also overweight, obesity can increase the risk of fibroids and tumors up to 3 times greater. Other risk factors include a family history of fibroids, and a poor diet, which also leads to obesity. Up to 80 percent of Black women are affected by fibroids, but it is preventable.

Although women in general who use hair relaxers have a higher instance of uterine fibroids, a study of 300 women of various ethnicities found that Black girls were more likely to use hair-relaxing products and at a younger age. This can increase the risk of fibroids.

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