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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Don't Kid Yourself -- Your Genes Are Only Partly to Blame for Obesity

Don't Kid Yourself -- Your Genes Are Only Partly to Blame for Obesity
Is it true that a person's genes can be responsible for their gaining weight? Yes, but only partly, according to a professor with the University of Exeter Medical School in England. Lifestyle choices account for the rest. How?

The role of genes in obesity

Yes, obesity genes do exist, according to professor Timothy Frayling. But it is quite rare for a person to be morbidly obese for genetic reasons only. While hormonal imbalances can attribute to obesity, lifestyle choices such as unhealthy eating and lack of exercise are also to blame.

A recent study showed that a person of average height who had 10 genetic risk factors for obesity gained an average of 8 pounds during their life if they did no exercise at all. If they exercised or were more physically active, they would gain 6 pounds due to genetic risk factors.

Don't blame it all on genes

So, the study showed that, although genetic factors can be the cause of some weight gain, you can't blame all the weight gain on genetics. Explains Frayling, "even people genetically inclined to pile on pounds can curb it by eating right and exercising."

Those with a genetic risk for weight gain may need to exercise more than those who do not carry the obesity gene, but with proper eating and exercise, even those who carry the gene can overcome it by eating healthy and staying active.

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