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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Black Women Are 50% More Likely To Die From Breast Cancer... Because They Are Not Being Diagnosed Early Enough

Black Woman Being Tested For Breast Cancer

African American women are almost 50% more likely to die from breast cancer compared to white women within the first three years of diagnosis, according to research at the Harvard School of Public Health. Other research has also indicated that breast cancer among African-American women is of a more aggressive nature and occurs at an earlier age in black women than in other races.

There is no way to prevent breast cancer, but early detection is critical to survival. In addition to annual mammograms and medical breast exams, women should also do regular self exams at home. It takes just minutes to do and could result in life-saving early detection.

Here are the simple steps to follow:
  • The best position is lying down to ensure that all of the breast tissue can be felt.
  • Using the pads of the three middle fingers, move around in coin-size circular movements.
  • Without lifting the fingers, continue moving around the breast completely, from the collarbone to the bra line, and from the armpit to the breastbone. Be sure to cover all of the tissue.

What to look for:
  • Lumps or unusually thick areas
  • Discharge from the nipples
  • Puckering or dimpling of the skin, particularly around the nipples
  • Unusual increase in size of breast
  • One breast unusually lower than the other
In addition to breast exams, women may also reduce their risk of breast cancer by avoiding obesity, eating healthy, and exercising regularly. It should also be noted that, although it is rare, men can  develop breast cancer, too. The risk for men is about one percent, but men also need to be aware of any changes in the breasts.

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