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Monday, May 6, 2013

Super Affordable Ways to Get Beautiful White Teeth

Super White Teeth

Having beautiful white teeth is a goal for most people, but the cost to attain this goal can be high. Dentists can charge $1,200 - $2,600 to apply porcelain veneers over the teeth, over $150 - $1,500 for bleaching trays that you can do at home, and anywhere from $500 - $2,500 for laser teeth whitening. This procedure consists of coating the teeth with a peroxide and then activating the peroxide with a curing light or laser. While these methods will certainly bring results, they are expensive.

Here are some more affordable options that are recommended by dentists that may give similar results at far less cost:

#1 - Whitening strips: cost from $10 - $45 a box. They are inexpensive but take longer to get the results desired. Also, since the strips contain peroxide, many people have experienced a burning in the mouth tissues and gums from coming in contact with the peroxide. The key to using white strips is to carefully place them just on the teeth and make sure it does not touch other mouth tissue. Some have placed a mouth guard over the strips to prevent the peroxide from touching other areas of the mouth. Another side affect can include sensitivity of the teeth following the treatment. A couple popular brands are Rembrandt’s Stain Dissolving Strips and Crest White Strips. One of the complaints about whitening strips is that they don't always stay on the teeth.

#2 - Power Swabs: do not contain bleach or peroxide. Many people are sensitive to bleach, so this might be a good alternative. Power swabs are foam-tipped swabs that contain whitening solution that is simply applied to the teeth. The whitening solution is actually detergent which removes the stains but may not be as effective as bleach which removes stains and brightens color. The pros include less sensitivity and low cost. A three month supply is about $85 and works on teeth, dentures, bonds and veneers.

#3 - Baking soda: does whiten teeth. Baking soda has two features that make it effective in whitening teeth. It neutralizes acids that can stain your teeth, and it is a mild abrasive that can also remove stains and polish teeth. For more results, you can add a little peroxide to make a paste and brush. Just be careful as peroxide can leave a burning sensation. Once or twice a week is plenty. The downside is that this method takes a little longer,  but it is a safe and inexpensive way to whiten teeth.
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