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Monday, July 1, 2013

50 Million Americans Go On A Diet Every Year, But Only 5 Percent Lose Weight -- What's The Best Weight Loss Programs?

Weight Loss

Out of the 50 million Americans who go on a diet every year, only five percent are successful in keeping the weight off. What this should tell us is that successful diet programs are those that teach us how to eat sensibly and healthy. Otherwise, the diet will not work. Losing weight the right way is really a matter of cutting the calories--eating fewer calories than you burn--and making a permanent change in eating habits.

Avoid "Miracle" Pills

The key to finding a program that will work is selecting one that is easy to maintain, does not require purchasing special foods, doesn't focus on miracle pills and other substances, but teaches healthy lifelong eating habits. Consumer Reports readers scored MyFitnessPal and Weight Watchers the highest because they encouraged calorie awareness, exercise, and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Jenny Craig was also rated highly. Although this program sells their preportioned foods, it also includes grocery store foods. These programs focus on sound weight-loss principles and weight management.

Beware of Diet Scams

Beware of "quick fix" diet products. Not only can they be harmful but they are not proven to be successful in long-term weight management. According to Dr. Oz, diet pills are some of the most dangerous products on the market. They are drugs and should be treated as such. They can increase your blood pressure enough to cause a stroke, and once you stop taking the pills, the weight piles back on. They are simply not worth the risk of taking a short cut to weight loss.

Eat Less, and Better

Any diet product or program that relies on a specific product does not teach healthy, lifelong eating habits. The only thing that works is eating less, eating more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein. Weight loss programs that focus on this are worth looking into. The bottom line on the best weight loss program is to satisfy your hunger with good foods that will not add weight and substituting high-calorie foods with those that contain fewer calories. It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle change.
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