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Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Study Says Sagging Pants Causes Sexual Dysfunction

Sagging Pants

Yes, it's true that wearing your pants too low can cause sexual dysfunction and a number of other serious health problems. This was the conclusion of the National American Medical Association following a two-year study.

According to doctors who did the study, 70 percent of men who wore their pants extremely low were more likely to prematurely ejaculate during intercourse. In addition, 75-82 percent develop some type of sexual dysfunction. The cause seems to be the way in which the wearing of sagging pants changes the way they walk and move.

The body is meant to move freely from the hips down to the legs. Inhibiting normal movement can actually mis-align the hips and the torso if the pants are continuously worn very low. Other damage can include problems with the bladder, kidneys and prostrate due to constricting the flow of blood and oxygen to the lower extremities.

If this isn't bad enough, pressure on the legs caused by jeans that are worn too low affect a nerve in your thigh called the lateral femoral cutaneous (LFC). If this nerve is compressed, it can cause damage to the nerve, leg pain, and even prevent normal tissue growth in the leg along with sensitivity to heat.

This is one style that needs to disappear as quickly as possible. It's not a cool look, and the health risks are definitely not cool.
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