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Monday, October 21, 2013

Popular New Drug, Molly, Killing More and More Teenagers

Molly Drug Warning

There's a new kid on the block and her name is Molly. But Molly is not a nice friend to have. In fact, she has killed several people so far. Some friend, huh? Molly (short for molecule) is the essential ingredient found in the street drug Ecstasy. Like Ecstasy, it acts as both an amphetamine and tranquilizer, producing both stimulating and calming effects.

Endorsed By Celebrities

Rappers and hip-hoppers have been using lyrics in their songs about using Molly, like it's OK to use this drug. Even Miley Cyrus and Madonna have joined in the fun. When asked later about their glorification of Molly during their performances, they cowardly made excuses for their comments. What is wrong with these people? Molly is a drug, it's dangerous, and it can kill.

Side Effects

The dangerous side effects of Molly include dangerous increased in body temperature--up to 106--that can cause a heat stroke. Other side effects include blurred vision, high blood pressure, kidney, heart and liver failure, and death. The problem with Molly and all other drugs is that it is abused. At a recent New York City dance festival called Electric Zoo, two people died and several others were treated for overdose. In the state of Washington in June, one man died and dozens more were treated for overdosing on molly at a music festival, and just recently in Boston, a 19-year-old girl died of an overdose of Molly.

Take Responsibility

When oh when are people going to understand the dangers of drugs. And when are others going to take responsibility for promoting use of illicit drugs? Leaders in the music industry say it's musicians' rights as freedom of expression. But the musicians aren't just expressing themselves; they are crossing the line by promoting dangerous actions to young people who are easily influenced by what their idols say and do. And it's costing lives.
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