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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Abdominal Crunches and Other Exercises That Are a Complete Waste of Time

Exercise is hard work and a commitment of time and energy. Although everyone should be commended for keeping a regular routine of exercise, there are some exercises that are simply a waste of time. Check out these four:

#1 - Abdominal crunches

Abdominal crunches only work on one set of ab muscles. So, all that time and energy spent on crunches has little in the way of an effective return for your body because your body actually has four sets of abdominal muscles. Instead, try planking which is supporting your body in a face-down prone position with your elbows and knees, holding this position for 10 to 60 seconds.

#2 - Walking with hand weights

This only results in burning only a few calories. Why? You tend to walk slower with hand weights, which means burning fewer calories and getting less of a cardiovascular workout. In addition, the weights can strain tendons and ligaments, throw off your alignment and increases the risk of injury. Instead, walk up hills or stairs, or even carry a backpack which will distribute the extra weight more evenly.

#3 - Thigh adduction

This refers to the exercise machine that gives you inner thigh squeezes. It only works a few muscles. Try walking lunges instead. Lunges completed with one knee touching the floor will provide much better results in strengthening your quads and hamstrings.

#4 - Before-workout stretches

This practice was long thought to be a good idea to warm up the muscles before exercise. Now researchers are finding out that trying to stretch a cold muscle can actually do more damage than good. So, try warming up those muscles with a slow walk, jog, side-to-side lunges and arm circles. This is safer and more effective for muscles.
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