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Monday, December 9, 2013

Heart Attacks Are More Likely to Happen on Monday Mornings... in the Bathroom

Heart Attacks on Monday Morning

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States. It is the number one killer of American men and claims a life every 34 seconds. It is particularly devastating among African Americans. One reason is obesity -- over 58 percent of black men are overweight. In addition, 52 percent of blacks are not active, smoke, and have poor diets.

Heart attacks can occur at any time, but there are four specific times when the risk is increasingly greater:

#1 - In the morning - heart attack risk increases by 40 percent when you first wake up. Why? Your blood is thicker in the morning and harder to pump. So, ease into the day as much as possible and don't overdo it on the exercise.

#2 - Mondays - heart attacks are 20 percent greater on Mondays. Doctors recommend that you avoid fatigue and try to maintain a similar pattern of sleep every day of the week to avoid the stress of switching back to the work environment Monday morning.

#3 - After eating - it's no secret that overeating is not heart-healthy. Avoid high-fat, high-carb meals that can increase the risk of blood clotting, and keep meal portions at a reasonable size.

#4 - In the bathroom - many people are not aware that straining on the toilet increases pressure in the chest. This is another reason doctors encourage you to eat more fiber.
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