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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tattoos and Other Ways to Lose Job Opportunities

Although tattoos date back to the B.C. era, most people associate tattoos with military men. Tattoos were popular with men in the army and navy as a way of indicating which branch of the service they belong to, or as a way of honoring family and their country. But tattoos are now sported by men and women from all walks of life. It has become a $2.3 billion industry.

It would seem, then, that tattoos are now acceptable. But that is not the case. Although many companies like Ikea, Big Lots, Best Buy, and Google have no problem with differentiating tattoos from talent and job qualification, not all companies agree with this line of thinking about both tattoos and body piercing. In fact, companies like United Parcel Service (UPS) prohibit tattoos and piercing altogether among their employees.

How tattoos can lose job opportunities

More conservative companies expect their employees to project a certain image. That image may often preclude the display of tattoos on one's arms, legs, face and other visible areas. Although it's everyone's personal right to wear tattoos, remember it is also every employer's right to establish professional guidelines for potential employees. If tattoos are prohibited, it could prevent you from getting the job.

Is prohibiting tattoos a form of discrimination?

No. The law has very specific categories for prevention of discrimination, such as race, religion, age, gender, disability, and sexual preference. Companies who do not hire people with tattoos and piercing, long hair, beards and mustaches are not violating the law in any way.

The decision to tattoo or not

It is certainly everyone's personal decision whether or not to tattoo or pierce. But if you are considering career choices that may be affected by your decision to tattoo, you may want to give it more thought. Definitely investigate the companies you are interested in work for to see what their policies are on the matter of tattoos, piercing and other forms of body art. Like it or not, it could be a job stopper.
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