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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trina Braxton Shares Advice on Weight Loss: "Make Water Your Friend"

Trina Braxton Weight Loss Advice

When actress and singer Trina Braxton decided it was time to lose weight, she approached it sensibly. Rather than embark on a specific weight loss program, she took a hard look at what she needed to do and ended up currently being within 10 pounds of her weight loss goal.

So, what did Trina do? 

She made three important lifestyle changes. One was changing her eating habits, and the other was exercising regularly. But a third very important change she made was to greatly increase her water intake. Trina says she learned that water is your friend. By drinking more water, sticking to an exercise program and eating differently, the weight is coming off.

What eating habits did she change?

One change was controlling portions. For example, when eating out it is not necessary to eat everything. She learned to take the rest home for later. And even little changes such as using the stairs instead of the elevator made a difference in her weight loss program

She admits...

Trina admits that a formal weight loss program was not for her, but she took responsibility for making those changes that were necessary in order to control her weight and get healthy. Water, which is an effective appetite suppressor, was an important part of her regimen. Trina's program proves that diets are not always the answer to weight loss. Life changes are more effective because they teach you life skills that will continue long after the weight comes off, helping you maintain long-term weight control and good health.
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