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Sunday, March 30, 2014

61-Year Old Chaka Khan Shows "Every Woman" How It's Done -- How She Lost 60 Pounds and Why

Chaka Khan before and after her weight loss

Chaka Khan's amazing new body is something she is proud of. The 61-year-old singer and songwriter, whose career has spanned four decades, looks fit and fabulous. But looks were the last reasons why Chaka determined to lose the weight.

What motivated Chaka to lose over 60 pounds?

Two very good reasons for Chaka taking the bull by the horns and losing the weight were her health and her family. When she reached the point where she developed high blood pressure and Type-2 Diabetes and was on medication, that was enough for her. She realized something had to change.

She was also motivated by taking her role as a new parent, after adopting her granddaughter, seriously. She wanted to make sure she could be there to raise her little girl.

Chaka's approach to losing weight

Although the program worked for her, it is not recommended for everyone. In fact, anyone wanting to lose weight, especially the amount of weight that Chaka was able to lose, should definitely see their physician first. The important point is that Chaka took action and, well... did something!

Chaka decided on a high-protein eating regime. She went vegan, eliminating meat and dairy products. It's true that protein fills you up, curbing the appetite more than fats or carbohydrates, so you can actually eat more and still lose the weight. It may not be for everyone, but it sure worked wonders for Chaka Khan!

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