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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Not Just You! Pretzels, Chips, and Candy Bars REALLY Are Addictive -- But It's Because of This Invention by Greedy Snack Companies

Pretzels and Potato Chips

You know the symptoms. It's late in the afternoon. Too late for lunch and too early for dinner. But you're hungry. This is the time when most people want to snack, and unfortunately, they often choose the wrong foods to snack on. Even worse, once they start snackin', they can't seem to stop.

Why Many Snack Foods Are Addictive

You might think a handful of pretzels, potato chips, or even a low-fat candy bar might be a good snack. But they are not. Why? Because they contain something that was invented by greedy snack companies. It's call refined carbohydrates, and we don't mean refined in a good way! Literally, everything good has been removed and everything bad, like sodium, has been added. These foods have been designed to make you crave it and essentially eat a lot more than you originally intended.

How Refined Carbohydrates Affect Your Body

Refined carbohydrates are when a natural carbohydrate is stripped down to just its starch and sugar. They are quickly absorbed into the body, producing sugar spikes in your bloodstream. This is not good for your body, particularly if you are diabetic. In addition, they do not satisfy your hunger for very long. This is why many people can not just eat a little bit. They keep coming back for more, until they've eaten too much!

Good Carbohydrates Are... Well, Good!

Good, or natural carbohydrates, found in whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans, absorb slowly into the bloodstream. This results in not only satisfying your hunger longer but also avoiding spikes in the levels of sugar in your blood. They are also good sources of fiber.

So, take caution the next time you decide to grab a bag of pretzels or chips, a smoothie or a candy bar. Instead, reach for something healthier such as yogurt with fruit or a whole-grain protein bar. There are also healthier brands of chips and pretzels available that don't have refined carbs.
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