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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Black Men With Prostate Cancer Should NOT Wait For Treatment

A new study recently published in the journal Urologic Oncology reveals important information about treatments for prostate cancer among both black men and white men who have early stage prostate cancer. Regular monitoring, often recommended for early stage prostate cancer patients, might not be the best way to treat black men. Why?

Aggressive prostate cancer

Regular monitoring is often suggested by medical experts in order to prevent over treatment. However, the study shows this might not be a good idea with black men. The reason is because African-American men have a much greater chance of developing a more aggressive cancer sooner than white men. So, what begins as a low-grade cancer initially can more quickly develop into an aggressive cancer in black men.

Prostate cancer affects black and white men differently

The study revealed that controlling the cancer was 90 percent effective in white men but only 79 percent effective in black men seven years after surgery to remove the prostate. The cancer in black men is more likely to progress, clearly indicating that there is a much different outcome for blacks than for whites.

Black men should NOT wait for treatment

Although researchers are still trying to find answers that will help them identify black men who have a higher risk for developing a more aggressive type of prostate cancer, in the meantime the study would indicate that black men should not wait for treatment. Even though they are diagnosed with early stage cancer, their risk of cancer progression is much higher, making early treatment a wiser choice.

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