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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

3 Reasons Why Black Folks Don't Need to Be Drinking Soda!

Soda isn't classified as a drug, but it's extremely easy to become addicted to it. This sugary syrup (also referred to as softdrink or soda pop) is especially bad for African Americans, and here's three good reasons why:

#1 - Soda contributes to gaining weight and obesity, and African Americans (children, teens, and adults) have long had a struggle with this. According to the CDC, four out of five black women in particular have a body mass index above 25 percent.

#2 - Soda contributes to obesity-related illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and congenital heart disease. Unfortunately, the numbers of African-Americans with these conditions are extremely high.

#3 - Considered by many to be the worst of all, soda makes you age. Yes, you read that correctly! Drinking lots of soda can actually age your cells. How? According to a recent study, telomeres, which protects the end of chromosomes from deterioration, are found to be shorter in white blood cells among people who drank a lot of soda.

But can soda really make you age faster?

Yes! Because the length of telomeres is linked to life expectancy. The longer the telomeres, the longer one can expect to live, short of unexpected diseases and other health-related issues.

The research included more than 5,000 adults in the U.S. from the ages of 20 to 65 who were in good health. To read more about the study, visit
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