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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Unusually Large _______ Can Be a Sign of a Rare and Painful Medical Condition Called Gigantomastia

Woman with Gigantomastia

Many women want to have larger breasts and are even willing to undergo surgery to get them. But what about women on the other end of the scale, those with breasts so large that it is painful and interferes with living a normal life? That condition exists, and it's called Gigantomastia.

What is Gigantomastia?

Gigantomastia is a rare medical condition of the breast connective tissues where the breast size becomes unusually large. Technically, it is defined as when breast weight exceeds approximately 3 percent of the total body weight, but it can be much more severe. The worst case on record is a women from Nigeria whose breast tissue weighed 44.8 kg or 98.79 pounds. Gigantomastia can affect both breasts or just one. It affects more white women than African-American women, and it can even occur among men.

How does Gigantomastia occur?

Most cases occur during the first few months of pregnancy, although gigantomastia can occur among women who have never given birth. Growth usually occurs rapidly and can occur with each pregnancy. It produces increased pressure on the skin, ulceration, necrosis (decay or death of tissue), infection, or hemorrhage, not to mention back pain, chest pain and headaches. It can even result in death. Gigantomastia occurs in 1 out of every 28,000 to 100,000 pregnancies.

Medical treatment

Medical treatment includes breast-reduction drugs as well as breast-reduction surgery.

To read one woman's story of her battle with Gigantomastia, visit
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