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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Dangers of Weight Loss Surgeries -- What You Need to Know

Star Jones weight loss

Thanks to the media, weight loss surgery seems to many to be an easy way to shed extra pounds and look great. It seems like a quick fix to get the slim figure you've always wanted. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Bariatric surgery is not for everyone

Bariatric surgery is an overall term used to describe many types of surgeries designed to help patients lose weight. For example, gastric by-pass surgery, one of the most common, is when the surgeon makes your stomach smaller by clamping or banding it. Patients must undergo general anesthesia, which in itself is a risk, and there is no way of knowing how each patient will react to the surgery.

Surgery should be a last resort, not a quick fix

Surgery is an invasive procedure that carries with it potential risks and complications. It should not be treated lightly and should not be considered a quick fix. This is why most doctors will not do bariatric surgery unless the patent is morbidly obese, which means 100 pounds overweight. The risks of surgery include:
  • Allergic reactions to medicines
  • Blood clots
  • Blood loss
  • Breathing problems
  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Infection

In addition, having the surgery does not end the process. Patients have to exercise and eat healthy in order to keep the weight off. Those who have undergone by-pass surgery have small stomachs, limiting how much they can eat and reducing the absorption of nutrients by their body. Patients will need to depend on supplements to make up for the reduction in nutrients.

The most important point to remember is that weight loss surgery is permanent and should be discussed thoroughly with your physician, including all the risks as well as the benefits.

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