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Monday, January 5, 2015

This Man is 113 Years Old and is Still Going Strong -- Because of These 5 Foods

Bernando LaPallo

Not many people live to be 100 years old, but imagine living to be 113 and looking not a day older than 80! And he owes it all to healthy eating and listening to his father.

Bernando LaPallo is 113 years old

Bernando LaPallo's father was a doctor and taught him how to eat healthy. To this day, Bernando does not eat red meat, french fries, or hot dogs. His father gave him good advice because Bernando is now 113 years old but has the body of a man 20 years younger. What's his secret? Eating healthy.

This is what Bernando eats

A retired culinary chef, Bernando grew up in New York. According to Bernando, his diet consists mostly of organic fruits and vegetables, garlic, cinnamon, honey, chocolate and olive oil. In addition, he exercises every day by taking a morning walk.

Healthy body and mind

But it's not just his body that he keeps healthy. To keep his brain active, he reads constantly, does crossword puzzles and plays checkers. Even at age 113, Bernando does public speaking engagements, too.

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