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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kelly Price Fights Back Against the Stereotype of Being BIG... and African American

Kelly Price

Seven-time Grammy-nominated American R&B singer–songwriter Kelly Price has learned a lot about herself in the past few years. Until she was discovered by Mariah Carey in 1992, she spent many years as a backup singer and was told she didn’t “fit the profile” to become a success on her own. She proved them wrong.

By 1998, Price released her debut album, Soul of a Woman, followed by her second album, Mirror Mirror in 2000, followed by more albums and films such as Bringing Down the House. She now appears in the reality show, R&B Divas, in its second season soon to begin. The reality television series stars several R&B singers, including Price, and gives viewers an inside look at how the award-winning singers balance their music careers and personal lives.

What Price has leaned about herself

Kelly's message to others, including her daughter, is all about what real beauty is. She experienced bias because of her weight, and she wants to impress upon others the importance of seeing beauty within, not letting yourself be pressured into thinking you have to look a certain way in order to be beautiful, and not letting anyone stop you from achieving your goals. Being a big woman did not stop Kelly, and it should not stop others from opening doors to opportunity.

Her message to other black parents of daughters

As Kelly explained it, "I think as black parents we have to be willing to fight the images that tell our daughters that unless that’s what they look like, they’re not beautiful. We need to tell them yes, they are beautiful, just like God created us to be.”
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