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Friday, January 9, 2015

Why Black Parents Should Give Vaccinations a Shot

Many African American parents are not allow their children to get vaccinated because they don't feel it needed any more! It's true that modern medicine has made great strides in finding causes for and treating illnesses, but just because you haven't heard of a child with polio doesn't mean you no longer have to get your child vaccinated.

It is precisely because of these vaccinations that children today are much healthier than ever, and vaccinations are the key to keeping them that way.

Why children today need to be vaccinated

There will always be diseases that can harm the health of children and even become deadly. Children need to be protected against those diseases. For example, measles and whooping cough (pertussis) have come back during the past few years. Every state in 2013 reported cases, totaling 41,000. This was a record year and the highest number of cases reported since 1955.

Most vaccines are covered by health insurance and can be administered to children over time, especially with very young children (3 months). The vaccines will not only protect them from illness but will also protect the spread of diseases to other children.

Are they safe?

This is a question for your family physician. In general, vaccines are considered safe and are tested by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals before they are administered to patients. But children with allergies and other health issues may need to be treated differently.


If vaccines are not covered by your health insurance, you can apply for no-cost vaccines through The Vaccines for Children program which is federally funded. Funding is available to low-income families.

For more information on how to apply for no-cost vaccines, visit
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