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Friday, April 24, 2015

Black Women Are Less Likely Than White Women To Suffer From This!

Depressed Black Woman

It seems like so many diseases and other health problems affect African Americans more than whites, especially among women. But a new study by the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor found one health problem that affects white women twice as much as it does black women -- Depression.

How depression affects white and black women

The study involved 1,400 black women and 340 white women around the country. The results showed a significantly greater amount of white women who reported to struggle with depression. In fact, while only 10 percent of black women reported issues with depression during their lives, more than twice as many, or 21 percent, of white women stated that they have suffered from depression at some point.

Where they live also makes a difference

Another amazing study result was how depression relates to where women live, and it is very different for black women compared to white women. For example:
  • 4 percent of black women living in rural areas reported suffering from depression, compared to 10 percent among white women living in rural areas
  • 10 percent of black women living in cities reported having problems with depression, compared to 4 percent among white women

It appears where the women lived had an opposite affect on black compared to white women. Why? The reason is unknown. Further research is needed, according to study author Addie Weaver, of the University of Michigan.

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