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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

People That Don't Wash Their Sheets Once A Week Likely Have These 6 Things in Their Bed!

Black woman sleeping

You can't see it, but if you're not washing your sheets often enough, you will end up sleeping with stuff like mites and mite feces. Dust mites are linked to several forms of allergic diseases, including hay fever, asthma and eczema. But wait, there's more!

What's in YOUR bed?

The longer you go without washing your sheets, the greater the risk that unwanted dirt will accumulate. Some things you may be able to see, like pet hair, dust and lint, cosmetics from an unwashed face, and sand. But other things can also be lurking between the sheets that you can't see.

In addition to mites and mite feces, here are 5 things in your bed you won't be able to see:

#1 - pet dander
#2 - fungal mold
#3 - fungal spores
#4 - secretions and bacteria from the body
#5 - pollen
#6 - insect parts

How often should you wash your sheets?

Washing your sheets every week is a good idea. And when you do, use the hot cycle (130-150 degree water) along with a germicidal detergent. Mites, in particular, love to feed on dead skin and human hair. So, the more you wash your sheets, the less chance you will have of being attacked at night while you think you are sleeping comfortably in your bed.

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