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Monday, June 1, 2015

How This 77-Year-Old Great Grandmother Runs 60 Meter Sprints

Rose Green, grandmother trackrunner

It was just last year that Rose Green from Prince George’s County, Maryland, took up an unusual sport for a 77-year-old great-grandmother. She decided to become a sprinter. Now she is considered the fastest sprinter in her age group.

How does Rose do it??

Rose does it by training 7 days a week, according to her trainer and boyfriend, Cortez Austin. Not only has Rose won medals in 200- and 400-meter races, but she holds the distinction of being the nation's record holder in her age group for the fastest in the 60-meter sprint. Her coach is the first to admit that he is tough on her because he knows she can do it.

In her community, Rose is a celebrity and an inspiration to others. In addition, she is one who likes to give back to her community by helping students and others.

What's next for Rose?

Her next goal is training for the USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships in July. Why are we not surprised?? Go Rose!!

Watch the Video Below:

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