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Monday, August 10, 2015

"I'm 110 Years Old and My Secret to Longetivity is God and Drinking 3 of These Everyday"

Agnes Fenton, 110-year old woman

Agnes Fenton from Englewood, New Jersey is 110 years old. She said when she turned 100, she looked in the mirror and thanked God she was still alive. She is not only alive but doing very, very well. What's her secret? You won't believe it!

Agnes' secret

Agnes says her secret is drinking 3 beers and one shot of whiskey every day. In fact, Agnes has maintained this regimen for 70 years. Specifically, she drinks three Miller High Lifes and one shot of Johnnie Walker every day. Her doctor says she is a phenomenon. She has had only minor health problems that seemed to go away on their own.

But Agnes does not take all the credit. She has strong faith in God and says, “He gave me a long life and a good life, and I have nothing to complain about. … You’ve got to have God in your life. Without God, you’ve got nothing.”

As for the beers...

Researchers have found that beer can be healthy for your heart when consumed in moderation. And Italian researchers found that moderate beer drinkers, compared to those who drank no beer at all, had a 42 percent lower risk of heart disease.

Regardless of the reason, Agnes eats well, sees and hears well, and enjoys chicken wings, green beans, and sweet potatoes and hanging out with her friends.

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