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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why Coffee Makes Most People, Well... Poop

Black woman drinking coffee

You're at the office early, you've had 3 cups of coffee, and 3 trips to the bathroom! What's up with that?? Why is it that coffee sends you straight to the bathroom? Is it the caffeine? You will be surprised to learn that it is not the caffeine that makes you poop.

Why coffee makes you poop

Even decaffeinated coffee will work like a laxative, which is an indication that it is not the caffeine that's responsible. Although scientists are not really sure why coffee sends about 30-40 percent of coffee drinkers to the bathroom, it is believed that the acidity in coffee is the key. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid which accelerates the production of higher stomach acid and higher production of gastric acid.

Should you drink more or less coffee?

Well, the laxative effect of coffee only occurs in about 30-40 percent of the population, according to a recent article published in The Washington Post. So it may or may not affect you at all. In addition, scientists believe that the more coffee you drink, the more you will become immune to its laxative effects.

So, if it doesn't bother you, or the frequent trips to the bathroom don't bother you, grab another cup of coffee, or two, and enjoy.

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