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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

116-Year-Old Woman Says Eating This is the Secret to Longetivity!

Susannah Mushatt Jones, 116-year old woman

We always marvel at longevity because it is unusual for people to live to be 100 or over. But Susannah Jones has beaten all the odds by living to be 116! How does she do it? You'll never guess what she eats -- every day!

Her secret

Susannah Mushatt Jones is 116 years old and lives in New York. She was born in 1899, and was recently named the world’s oldest woman by Guinness World Records. Her secret? Bacon, bacon and more bacon. Susannah loves bacon and eats it all day. She has bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast, and meat, potatoes and vegetables for dinner, along with fruit for lunch (and maybe more bacon??). Also, Susannah sleeps 10 hours each night and naps occasionally during the day. She attributes getting enough sleep to her longevity, too. But she claims it's the bacon that keeps her going.

Born just after the Civil War

Imagine being born just four years after the Civil War ended. Susannah was born during the last year of the 1800's, and was one of 11 children in the family who lived in Alabama. She worked as a crop picker, housekeeper, and nanny before finally settling in New York, where she currently lives on her own in a one-bedroom apartment.

Amazingly, Susannah is in great shape, considering her age. Her niece said that she has very few medical issues and is alert. Whether it's the bacon, getting 10 hours of sleep each night, or the love of family and friends, Susannah is enjoying a long and wonderful life.
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