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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rapper Jadakiss: "Poor Communities Need More Organic Juice Bars"

Rapper Jadakiss at his Juices For Life juice bar

Rapper Jadakiss wants to give something back to his community. Raised in a poor community in Yonkers, New York, Jadakiss knew firsthand the unhealthy eating habits of young people. Now he wants to do something good that will educate young folks about better health by opening organic juice bars in poor communities.

Helping urban communities to be healthier

Jadakiss calls his company Juices For Life because that is exactly what his product is intended to do -- make life healthier and longer for people in urban communities. He and fellow rapper Styles P are opening up natural juice bars, starting in their own neighborhoods, including The Bronx and Yonkers. They believe that by educating people on the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they will help prevent people from getting diseases and also save on health care costs.

How juice bars will help

Eating healthy is a good way to prevent sickness and diseases in the first place. But Jadakiss knows from experience that many young people and others living in poor communities are not taking care of their health. They often end up in the hospital with more serious health issues which drives up the cost of health care. It wasn't until Jadakiss became successful that he realized not only did he need to change his own lifestyle, but he was also in a good position to help others.

Both rappers agree the concept is unusual, to open a juice bar in the hood, but they also feel it's a learning curve and are hoping that the concept of healthy nutrition will eventually catch on. Their message will continue to be, “You’re not too cool. You’re not too gangster. You’re not too fly. You’re not too anything to say, ‘Hey, here’s something good to do. Do it.”

For more details about Juices for Life, visit or visit them at 1026 Castle Hill Ave, Bronx, NY 10472.

Watch the video below:
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