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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

64-Year-Old Jogger Says, "My Mother Died of Heart Disease at Age 29"

Delores Mitchell-Tulloss

Delores Mitchell-Tulloss is 64-years old and jogs almost every day. She has even had encounters with pit bulls during her jogs but is not deterred. What makes her so determined? She wants to live and she is quick to advise others to never give up on good health. She didn't, even though she was diagnosed with heart disease.

Why she tries so hard

Heart disease runs in Delores' family. Her mother died of heart disease at the age of 29, and her older brother also died of heart disease. Delores decided she needed to maintain her health in light of all the family history of heart disease. So, she jogged 5 miles a day, lost weight and felt good. Then it hit her. She had all the symptoms of heart disease. She was diagnosed with cardio-myopathy and an enlarged heart resulting from almost 20 years of high blood pressure.

Don't give up

But Delores did not give up. That is her message to others. Eat healthy, exercise, and keep your weight down. She also adds the importance of staying positive and remaining calm in situations as another way of staying in good health. She call it "don't sweat the small stuff."  At 64, Delores plans to continue her program of eating healthy and exercising regularly, and she recommends it to others.

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