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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

6 Changes Black Women Can Make to Reduce Their Risk of Breast Cancer

6 Changes Black Women Can Make to Reduce Their Risk of Breast Cancer
Dr. Chantale and Dr. Gameli
Black women under the age of 50 are much more likely to be diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer than white women. That's why it is important for black women in particular to make changes in their lives that will help protect them against breast cancer.

Here are some recommendations from BestiesMD, Dr. Chantale and Dr. Gameli. These female doctors have a web site that is devoted to giving health education to their sisters:
  1. Keep a healthy weight - your weight is tied to your estrogen levels. The higher the estrogen, the greater the risk for breast cancer.
  2. Exercise regularly - results in lower fat levels which will help reduce breast cancer risk.
  3. Get enough sleep - not getting enough sleep can actually contribute to weight gain.
  4. Breastfeeding - changes and helps protect breast tissue.
  5. Limit alcohol - even 3 drinks a week can increase the risk for breast cancer.
  6. Don't smoke - is never a good idea, but this is especially important before the birth of your first baby.

Read more about how to reduce breast cancer risk at
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