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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

These 5 Foods Can Cause Premature Gray Hair

African American woman with gray hair

According to an article in Good Housekeeping, half the population has about 50 percent gray hair by the time they reach age 50. Although scientists don't know why, white people go gray earlier than African-Americans. Dermatologists explain that smoking and stress can put stress on the hair, causing it to grow back a different color, like gray. But some foods may also cause premature graying.

5 foods that can cause premature gray hair
  1. Sugar: Sugar lowers the amount of vitamin E in the body, and vitamin E is needed for the growth of healthy hair.
  2. Salt: Too much salt is not only unhealthy for diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease, it can also cause premature graying. Keep sodium levels between 1500-2300 mg per day.
  3. Artificial colors and sweeteners: These processed products can not only cause premature graying, but they can also lead to more serious health problems such as allergies, deafness, and migraines.
  4. Soft drinks: Stop with the soft drinks. They are one of the main causes for premature graying. Why? They are full of sugar, artificial color and sweeteners.
  5. Too much protein: The body can only digest so much protein. The rest produces uric acid, which can also lead to grey hair, not to mention strain on the liver.

Nothing can prevent gray hair. But eating healthy can certainly increase the production of melanin found in hair roots that is needed to maintain healthy hair.

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