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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More Black College Students Reportedly Having Mental Breakdowns

Black college student

Any student who attends college knows that it takes hard work and dedication in order to succeed. It puts a certain amount of stress on any young adult. African-American students face an even greater amount of stress and additional challenges in earning a degree. A recent study shows just how serious this stress can be and what serious health issues it can create.

Black students face mental stress in college

The study was done by researchers at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of Education and Human Development. The study focused on the stress effect on black students who attend predominately white colleges and universities. The study found that students from disadvantaged communities and communities of color face more stress than white students in order to succeed at elite universities.

Causing serious health issues

"We have documented alarming occurrences of anxiety, stress, depression and thoughts of suicide, as well as a host of physical ailments like hair loss, diabetes and heart disease," explains Ebony McGee, assistant professor of diversity and urban schooling at Vanderbilt. Black students were found to work harder to prove their worth while often having to cope with racism, too. This can take a serious toll on their health.

Researchers are calling this a mental health crises, one that is often overlooked. Researchers and other education professionals are calling for the need to recognize the additional challenges African-American students face in earning a college degree. They also point out the need for additional funding for social workers to address this looming health crises.

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