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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How This Grammy-Winning Gospel Singer Got Over the "We Don't Talk About Mental Health" Syndrome

Tasha Cobbs

Tasha Cobbs is a talented and successful urban contemporary gospel musician. At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, Cobbs won the Grammy for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance. Although it sounds like she has everything under control, there was one thing that was controlling her life but she kept it a secret. Why?

"We don’t talk about mental health enough in our churches or our culture"

Cobbs suffered from depression. It was so bad, she would cry for hours and never felt good enough, no matter what her accomplishments. She realized she needed help, but in the black culture, seeking help for mental health problems just isn't something that is done. After speaking with her cousin about it, she finally went to a therapist who diagnosed it as depression.

Even then, the "suffer in silence" practice among the black community kept her from revealing her secret to anyone but her very closest friends and family. Going to therapy was something totally new and uncomfortable for Cobbs, but she did it.

Cobbs advice

Now, Cobbs is a strong supporter of speaking up and speaking out on mental health. "We need to fix this," states Cobbs. "Our culture and churches in general, should put more focus on depression and people who struggle with mental health." Cobbs now wants to be a "leader in our culture and address the mental health issues we have been ignoring." You might say, Cobbs is now singing a different tune.....

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