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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Black People and Flu Shots -- Why Many Are Saying "No Way!"

Black woman rejecting flu shot

Public campaigns circulate heavily before and during the flu season, reminding people to get their annual flu shots. Yet, more than half of all adult Americans do not get them. Black Americans are even more likely than white Americans to avoid getting their flu shots. But why?

According to the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, 47 percent of white adults get flu shots but only 41 percent of black adults in the U.S. get flu shots. Surprisingly, the reasons among each group are different.

Reason #1 - A recent survey among 800 white American adults and 800 black American adults revealed that black adults were more concerned about possible side affects from flu shots, while white Americans who avoid getting flu shots simply don't think it is important to do so. So, more black people than white were concerned about how safe flu shots really are.

Reason #2 - On the other hand, the survey showed that white and black women and older people were more likely to believe that there was more risk in getting the flu virus than getting a flu shot.

More education needed

While reasons may be similar or vary as to whether or not getting flu shots is a good idea, the fact still remains that more than half of all adult Americans still do not get flu shots.

According to researchers, more education is needed by both blacks and whites about the benefits and risks of flu shots and the flu virus. This will allow more Americans to make better decisions based on the facts rather than emotion or fear.

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