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Monday, July 3, 2017

Yes, Diabetes Discriminates! Why Black Patients Should Be More Concerned Than Whites

Black patient with diabetes

The sad truth is that diseases do not affect all people the same way, and diabetes is one that discriminates. African Americans have higher blood sugar levels than whites with diabetes. Like it or not, this fact is something that black diabetes patients need to be concerned about.

Blacks have higher sugar levels

According to a recent study, Blacks have a higher hemoglobin A1C (blood sugar level) than whites for two reasons:

#1 - Biological factors: the study showed that the mean A1C was 9.1 percent for black people and 8.3 percent for whites, a difference of 0.8 percent. The reason for this is unknown.

#2 - Sociological factors: Black diabetes patients are more likely to have less access to medical care and health insurance.

For reasons yet unknown, the biological difference in blood sugar levels between blacks and whites is higher than normal. The study authors say that "the difference between the two groups (Black and white) should have only been 0.4 percent."

More research needed

The findings indicate that more research needs to be done in order to determine exactly why the difference is higher than normal.

However, the difference does clearly highlight the need for black people with diabetes to be more concerned than whites with their diabetes. Blacks must, particularly, be more concerned with managing their diabetes through regular health care visits and treatment.

More help also needed in Black communities

But regarding the sociological factors, more funding is needed so that people in low income communities also have access to better doctors, medical care facilities, and health insurance to help cover their expenses!

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