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Monday, August 7, 2017

African Genes in Black People Make Their Immune Systems Stronger, But There's a Downside!

Strong Black man with African genes

Recent medical research has revealed an important fact about immune systems among black Americans. Lab studies showed that black Americans have a stronger immune system than other races. This means they have a better ability to fight off infections than others.

The study was conducted on 175 Americans; 80 were of African descent. After infecting blood samples in the lab with listeria and salmonella bacteria, researchers found that the white blood cells from those of African descent killed the bacteria three times faster in 24 hours than the other study participants.

This means that the more African genes a black person possess, the stronger their immune system will be!

The downside

Although that is good news, there is also a down side. The body uses inflammation to fight off infection but this same inflammation can also lead to chronic high blood pressure which can damage organs such as the heart.

This means that black Americans also have a higher risk for heart disease, stroke and autoimmune inflammatory diseases like lupus and Crohn's disease.

Although the discovery of the stronger immune system among black Americans also showed higher risks for other inflammatory diseases, it did provide information that may be helpful in treatments that will reduce chronic health risks for black Americans.

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