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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Woman Loses 105 Pounds With "No Pills, No Surgeries, No Crazy Diets, No Shortcuts"

Olivia Patrice

Olivia Patrice lost almost half her entire body weight (105 pounds) without using any crazy diets, pills or surgeries. She did it the hard way -- by eating healthy and exercising. And it worked!

Doing it the hard way

The problem with losing weight is getting people to do it the right way rather than resort to quick fixes that don't last. In order to shed pounds and keep them off, you need to do it the hard way. Patrice calls it a "lifestyle change." For her, it meant changing her ways for good, and that included regular exercise. It took her 16 months, but after all the hard work, she is not about to compromise her results.

Sharing her success with others

After Patrice lost the weight, she founded Slim Thick Fitness, a web site that help others with their weight loss. The web site includes workout routines, meal guides, and a 4-week beginners fitness program (you don't need to join a gym) for just $15. Patrice also adds that including weightlifting and strength training into your daily workouts will help tighten the skin while you lose weight.

Patrice explains, "So just simply getting active with walking daily & eating healthier I lost 30lbs in those first 3 months.” She also adds, "It’s not an easy journey but it’s surely worth it."

Read more about Patrice's 105 pound weight loss journey by visiting
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