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Saturday, December 2, 2017

This 10-Year Old Girl Hung Herself After Being Bullied -- Bullying Has to Stop!

This 10 Year Old Girl Hung Herself After Being Bullied -- Bullying Has to Stop!

Ashawnty Davis, a fifth-grader at Sunrise Elementary in Aurora, Co., was only 10 years old when she took her own life. After getting into a fight with another girl at school whom it is believed was bullying her, Davis discovered that someone had taken a video of the fight and then posted in on a social media site. She was devastated. Two weeks later, she took her own life.

After two weeks on life support at the Children’s Hospital, little Ashawante passed away on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. The incident points out clearly that bullying is a serious public health problem. Every day, it is estimated that 30,000 students skip school because they are afraid of being bullied, according to a study by ABC News. According to the Suicide Awareness Voices for Education, suicide is one of the leading causes of death for youth age 15 - 24 and even younger. Many of these suicides are caused by bullying.


Bullying is now called “Bullycide,” a common term used to describe bullying that causes suicide. Ashwanty’s parents believe their daughter was a victim of bullying, and they now want to raise awareness of just how serious bullying is. Ashawnty's father, Anthony Davis, stated, “I want other parents to know that it’s happening.

Don't let your child become a victim of bullying -- how to take action

There are steps you can take as a parent in order to recognize when your child is being bullied and know what action to take to stop it. Here are just a few:

  • Talk to your child about bullying and let them know they can come to you any time they feel they are being bullied.
  • Know at all times who your child's friends are; make sure they are in a good group of friends.
  • Have your child document all incidents of bullying at school.
  • Take the documentation to a school teacher, counselor or principal.
  • If the school does nothing, report the incidents to the police; bullying and hate crimes are against the law.
  • If the school does noting, you can also file a complaint or charges against the school for negligence in cases of criminal bullying.

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